We now declare battle!

Put Your heart in its case
All wrapped in armor
Made from steel and grace
Remember the spells
Not white any more
summoned to fight
The demons of war
Lock your soul and cover your eyes
In a blood red sunrise
Darken the day
Poison the moon
There is no holding back
Till death calls his tune
We call You brave Knights
To unite!
Within Northern Lights


Active EU Community

Join our multi-server community and be the first to experience how GuildWars 2 is meant to be played!

Active guild

Ever been invited to those 400 people guilds where only handful played? Looking for a guild where people ACTUALLY play the game? Well, you are in the right place now. Here you are not just a number, but a part of the family.

We kill stuff

Fractals, Dungeons, Raids, Megabosses and Meta-events, take your pick. We do it all and we do it without f#$&%ing around. We get in, get things done and get out.


Awesome Commanders

Straight from big alliances, these commanders come with full package of experience with over 2000 killed tequatls, 100 wurms and countless hours on wvw.

Quality over Quantity

How many times did you hop for tequatl, where the map was full with 4 commanders but somehow dps was pure kitten and the dragon barely died? Well that’s not how we work. Properly organised group of people is more then enough to own this game and that’s how we roll.


Living story achievements

Silverwastes farm

Weekly guild missions

Triple trouble wurm

Fun and friendly community


Guild Hall